The Smart Investor

Before deciding for an investment in a housing sector, got to be smart cauncious and equally wise enough. The property transaction to be very transparent and the documents are to be checked and found free from all encumbrances and legal impediments. There fore it is better to seek expert advice before making such crucial decisions. An ideal builder is someone who has an impressive track – record of successful completion of coveted projects on time.

Choosing a right builder is like choosing to live comfortably.

What’s an absolute Tile? Legally certified documents can avail of loans granted by the financial institutions. Hence an absolute clearance and transparency in the original title, encumbrance certificate, building permits, land ceiling clearance etc. is a must. There should not be any kind of hitch or violation in the buyer – builder agreements A well placed apartment in a booming location will naturally yield good returns and under goes rapid appreciation in terms of value. There fore well approved and legally all cleared properties in good locations must be the pre- requisite to value an investment in the housing Sector.

SREEVINAYAKA BUILDERS & DEVELOPER’S believes that your home should reward you not just a pleasing present but also a bright future.

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